What is Coaching?

Coaching a professional process which helps people to create extra ordinary results in every area of their lives. Using the appropriate coaching techniques makes the person to focus on himself/herself and realize the boundaries in his/her mind and explore his/her potential. And thus takes the person from his/her currrent position to the destination he/she wants to be in. Coaching makes people get into action. Coaching supports the person on the journey he/she wants to make.

A professional coach does not manipulate or make recommendations. Coach, is just an agent to clear the obstacles that prevent the person from getting the result he/she wants. A coach does not make diagnosis. The coach focuses on the future instead of walking through the ashes of the past. So, coaching is different than therapy or consultancy.

In summary, by using appropriate techniques the coach provides people time and place in order for them to attract whatever they want to their lives. The person puts a mirror to himself/herself, makes decisions, prepares an action plan and by implementing the plan he/she starts to regenerate and live the life he/she wants.

In Which Areas can You Get Coaching?

How does the Coaching Process Work?

How would You Find the Right Coach for You?

Coaching Ethics