I was born on April 6th 1972.
Playing puzzle was my favorite game as a child.
I'm graduated from Bahariye primary school in Istanbul.
During the primary school education I noticed that I liked books so much. As a learned reading, books have entered into my life to stay forever.



I passed the high school exam and started to study at a German school Cagaloglu Anadolu Lisesi in 1983. I learned that the process was as important as the result thanks to my German science teachers who were exremely careful with our problem solving style. I made some great friends whom I am still friends with. Those were my most cheerful days ever.

Towards the end of the high school education I started to study for the university exam. My analytical and social skills were both strong. Studying business seemed to be an appropriate choice.



After being gratuated from high school I passed the university exam and started to study Business at Marmara Universty in 1990. My career objective was to be a marketing manager at a multinational company. Studying business was the first step towards that goal.

During that period I worked part-time at Unilever and Pepsi Cola. I made alot of observations. Having expertise, being hardworking and perseverant were important for being successsful. However, communication skills were exremely important.



I got my under graduate degree in 1995 and headed to the U.S.A to get my graduate degree in marketing. While I was studying MBA at The University of Memphis I worked at the computer lab on campus. I was helping to students who have trouble with computers. I noticed that working with people and thus helping them just made I realized that each person's values are different and each person is unique.

I got my graduate degree in Business. My thesis was about "Marketing Ethics".



Living in Istanbul has always energized me.
I had my first full-time job as assistant brand manager in the marketing department at Eczacibasi group of
companies in 1990.
I traveled quite frequently.
I got promoted and became a brand manager in one year. I liked that job because I was using both my analytical and communication skills. My career started in marketing field as I planned. However, I was not working at a multinational company yet which indeed was my dream.
My dream came true when I started to work at Bayer marketing department as a product manager.
Eating healthy has become part of my lifesyle during that period.


The economic crisis emerged at the end of the year and our department was closed down in 2001. I was unemployed. I had hard times not only financially but also emitionally. It was like the good old days will never come back again. I was hopeless. I had the feeling that tihis period would last forever.



ben-xI did'nt have much time to read during my busy days before the economic crisis. So, books became a solace in this unemployment period. I admired Irvin Yalom and Engin Gectan once again.
I decided to get a psychology degree as soon as possible.
The economy started to recover slowly but there was still no position that was fitting my expectations. I had to work in small family owned companies for two years. I observed bad examples, I pondered over how to be a successful manager. Marketing at a multinational company was still my dream.



Finally I started to works as Marketing Coordinator at 3M in January 2004.

The two and a half year period I experienced before 2004 made me undertand the following: Desperate time are temporary. What counts is to make best use of the crisis period. I had made best use of it by reading alot of books, listening to my inner voice and deciding to get a degree in psychology. And finally everything was O.K.

While I was working at 3M I decided that is was time to fulfill my dream of getting a psychology degree. I took the GRE test. And started to study masters in psychology at Istanbul Ticaret University. I was attending to evening school.

By the meantime I got promoted at 3M and became Marketing Manager. I was also responsible for customer relation management in Eastern Europa.
While working at 3M, which was avery professional company I had the opportunity to attend many trainings both in Turkey and abroad. I specialized in CRM (Customer Relationship Management). I became a certified Green Belt in Six Sigma which is a method for process improvement to increase efficiency.
I got my graduate degree in psychology in 2007. My career dreams came true. So it was time for new frontiers.
I resigned.





It was not an easy decision. Saying goodbye to my job meant stepping out of my comfort zone.

I got my coaching certificate from The Institude for Life Coach Training which is accredited by International Coaching Federation.

I integrated psychology education with my management experience and started to deliver trainings in the corporate world. My previous marketing and project management experience enabled me to cover a broad range of trainings such as self improvement, management, marketing, project management. To make a difference in participants' lives after the trainings makes my life more meaningful.


I teach Project Management at Bilgi University MBA program. Being with young people is just wonderful.

I turned my reading passion into a source of income. The first book I translated from English to Turkish was Prof. Tim Harford's "The Undercover Economist" and it was published by Pegasus in 2008. Then many books followed.

Regular exercise accompanied by a healthy diet has become my life style. I got into yoga and running.

I work on projects which I find interesting. I took part in international events like the UEFA Cup or IMF-World Bank meeting. I worked as Michel Platini's private driver in 2009 UEFA Cup.

I decided to take a more active part in the academician world. I cooperated with Dr. Nükhet Harmancıoğlu at Koç University. We published an article about innovation. I started to pursue Ph.D. degree in marketing at Istanbul Technical University. Now I am writing my thesis.

There is a price involved in making decisions and holding onto them. Now I am closer to myself as I managed to do it. That’s why I am able to coach people to create extraordinary results in all fields of their lives.


That's my story about 3 apples*. How about creating yor own?

*"Three apples fall dawn from the sky" is a Turkish mythological saying, meaning that with good intrntions you do your best to get what you really want and kismet comes to to you and to all good people naturally.